Dra. Elenora Pencheva Directora Revista Europa del Este Unida


  • Dra. Elenora Pencheva


The second issue of our magazine EUROPA DEL ESTE UNIDA was published. Thanks to
all authors who supported us.
There has gone another year full of dramatic and exciting events. Brazil experienced the
removal of President Dilma Rusef. Venezuela continues the fight for preservation of the
constitutional rights of its citizens. America elected a new president: Donald Trump.
A few days ago the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro has left us. In the 60s he is
an example and hope for freedom and independence throughout Latin America. Cuba,
despite the heroic struggle throughout the 19th century, remains a protectorate of the United
States. It became a republic with the victory of the revolution in 1960. At last the wealth of
Cuba belongs to the entire Cuban people. The island of freedom paid a high price for its
independence: since the 60s of XX century it has been isolated from the United States, and
since the '90 – from the former allies. Despite the enormous poverty the hope that it is
possible to build a just society is not abandoned. The country does not accept the capitalism
of inequality. Fidel was always for peace, peaceful cooperation and mutual understanding
between the nations. With him goes a historical era - the revolutionary utopia and the
boundless faith in the possible better society.
There are different opinions about the way Fidel defended the socialist revolution. For some
he will remain a dictator; for others - an idealist revolutionary who could not return Cuba
again to capitalism against which he had fought. Despite poverty, Fidel did not accept the
IMF with its "killer tips" that could bring the country into another debt spiral. Many people
believe that after the death of Fidel, Cuba will become rich. Whether Cuban communists will
follow the Chinese model of capitalism, the future will tell. There will always be hope and
faith in a better future.
There will continue the disputes whether the economic and financial model of the neoliberal
system is the only future for the countries of Latin America and the world. Shall we accept
the accompanying poverty depends on the social position in which we find ourselves. If we
are on top of the financial pyramid and live richly - poverty will be an inevitable "side effect"
of development. If we are among the millions of poor whose governments are unable to
develop national markets and provide job opportunities - we will want and seek justice and
opportunity for a better life. On whom will our prosperity depend - on the government, which
cannot fulfill our constitutional rights and freedoms or on the corporate owners who are
engaged only with their own profits . Since 1975 until now the world's elites cannot solve the
problem of three billion poor and miserable people in the world. What is the guarantee that
tomorrow there will be less poor and desperate people?!